Cash is King,
Now Share the Crown

With Board, every homebuyer is a cash buyer. We believe buying and selling a home should be safe, certain, and guaranteed to close.

To learn more give us a call or e-mail

To learn more give us a call
or e-mail us at

1 (800) 683-3929

1 (800) 683-3929 |

How a Board Cash Offer Works

It's as easy as 1,2,3...

Applying for a Board Cash Offer

Apply for a home loan

You fill out our loan application. We’ll underwrite your loan and you’ll receive a cash offer commitment letter with your Total Cash Available (Your cash + our cash) and loan terms.

Desired Home for Initiating Board Cash Offer

Initiate a Board Cash Offer

Once you select the home you want, we want to know about it! Initiate your BCO to finalize your offer terms.

Couple Submitting The Cash Offer

Submit your Cash Offer

You’re good to go! Your agent will submit your cash offer to the seller with our addendum to guarantee your offer. A Board Cash Offer guarantees the seller’s full consideration and your best chance to win.