Board Cash Offer for Agents

Board is the anti-mortgage lender. “Mortgage” represents stress and uncertainty for you and your clients. Now everyone can have a cash deal.

To learn more give us a call or e-mail

To learn more give us a call
or e-mail us at

1 (800) 683-3929

1 (800) 683-3929 |

Board for Listing Agents

Don’t settle for less than a cash offer. Don’t settle for stress and uncertainty.

We help listing agents turn incoming financed offers into cash offers by guaranteeing their offer for your seller in all little as 24 hours.

How it Works

Desired Home for Initiating Board Cash Offer


Let’s say your seller receives a financed offer from another lender.

Applying for a Board Cash Offer


You refer the potential buyer to Board for express underwriting.

Couple Submitting The Cash Offer


Board guarantees the offer with our cash

Board for Buyer’s Agents

The Board Cash Offer “BCO” is the alternative to a mortgage for your buyer clients. With Board , financed buyers can be cash buyers.

We guarantee offers with our cash if financing is not secured in time.

What Agents Are Saying:

"I make my living by generating new business. I can’t move on to create new business until every aspect of my existing business is secure and all parties are certain that the property is going to close.

Board lets me move on to what’s next so much sooner. That is money in my pocket and way fewer sleepless nights!”

Sam Westelman
Coldwell Banker Lifestyles